A typical Sunday in Tokyo Lord's Faith Church

Arriving at church in the morning
Come shortly before the service begins, take a seat in the pew of your choice, pray, etc., and wait for the service to begin.
The photo shows the nave/sanctuary on the first floor of Tokyo Lord's Faith Church, in which calm worship songs are played before the service to help the congregation to focus better.
Offering Service
In the service we give thanks to God for our daily life and learn how to live splendidly each new week. It usually ends around noon.
The service will follow the order which includes praising and listening to the sermon (a variety of biblically based messages) from the pastor.
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Free time in the afternoons: having meal with members, sharing our thoughts about the sermon, having a mini table tennis tournament, etc.
There are several teams in the church, divided into elementary school students, middle and high school students, college students, and adults. Each of these teams spends their free time respectively.
For example, some people enjoy chatting over a meal at the cafe on the third-floor (a free space where people can freely eat and drink), while others are passionately engaged in a game of table tennis on the second floor, where there are table tennis tables.
Because some of us only see each other once a week, Sundays are a wonderful time for socializing.
(Occasionally there are also extra session after the sunday sermon to listen to the word of God for those who opt to do so.)