Juna Hirayama

平山 朱那

Pastor of Tokyo Lord's Faith Church

While a gospel singer and calligrapher actively engaged in a wide range of artistic activities, she is also a licensed psychological counselor and mental coach. Her endeavor in the church is to encourage people "to be the best version of themselves". She also updates her Youtube channel often.

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What is a Church?

My name is Juna Hirayama, the pastor in charge of this church.

There is a saying in Japanese, "Let a hundred flowers blossom."
This means "various people being in their element, like various flowers blossoming at once". And the church is exactly where this happens.

If I were to add in, church is a place where people blossom in their own time.
Each and every one of us is significant, and each and every one of us is valuable. The existence itself is already in blossom.

A church is where you learn about your value, the value of others, the value of the world, and an amazing place where "stake that sticks out won't be hammered down".
It is a world where everything you want to do, everything you work hard for, and everything you strive for in the shadows is rewarded, and a place where you can find answers to the many questions you may have, such as "What is my value? What is true love?"

We are creating such a world, which seems likely but yet to exist, spanning out modestly but with a great hope.

The process in making is a struggle, but every step of the process also brings joy and pleasure, and all of it becomes gratification and love. Here is where we fulfill these as we move forward step by step.

In this website, we also introduce the founder of CGM, our Head Pastor.
In a friendly way, we call him "Teacher" , who taught us the practical faith, of which we must put into action so that our believes will be fulfilled in reality.

We will also introduce this in various forms.

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