Live Events

We have live events several times a year, and also a charity live concert to support the reconstruction of Kesennuma City in Miyagi Prefecture, a sister city of Edogawa Ward. The gospel songs sung at church include a wide variety of genres, with some being bright pop songs and others sung in a quiet mellow style. Whether a baby, an elementary school student, a junior or senior high school student, a college student, or an adult, there is something for everyone to get excited about. How about experiencing church culture through music and other diverse arts? You will return home with a full stomach, body and soul☆.


We are working with the mindset that "just as you would pick up litter in your own yard if you found it, let's clean up the earth as if it were our own yard!" This is the mindset behind our activities. We also work through an organization called "Global Village Society" (commonly known as "Gloville"). This organization was founded by volunteer members of our church, and we have been volunteering to pick up litter since 2016. Recently, we have been working on a new activity titled "Arakawa Progging," in which we pick up litter while jogging along the Arakawa River near our church.

Music Club

We are Music Club Aoitori, covering CGM original praise songs and presenting original songs written by members of Tokyo Lord's Faith Church. We are a group of singers, performers, and visual creators who work together to create our works of art. Do look out for your favorite songs on our Youtube channel~ Thanks for your support!

Soccer and Volleyball Club

Fortis is a team established by sports-loving members who attend Tokyo Lord's Faith Church. Fortis means "strong" in Latin. Through soccer, volleyball, and various other activities, we are working day by day across generations to make ourselves strong people with love.
Our three activity principles are: 1) to provide a community rooted in our local area, 2) to cultivate a "spirit of peace" that cares for each other, and 3) to "make oneself" through sports. People new to the game are also welcome. Please feel free to contact Fortis♪


Although not open to the general public, the church's members and their families gather together for these ceremonies. Recently we have held marriage ceremony, newborn blessing ceremony, and passing ceremony (baptism). We also publish articles in the "Church News" as a record of the events, so please take a look if you are interested.